Visikol Expands Hampton Facility to Accommodate Service Growth

2020 was a challenging year for all industries and the life sciences field was no exception. Throughout 2020, Visikol continued to maintain its commitments to its clients and their life-saving and life-extending drug discovery programs and never slowed down its operations. Even with the challenges of 2020, Visikol was able to grow its revenue by over 50% and has posted two consecutive years of 50% growth

This growth has been driven by Visikol’s portfolio of advanced in vitro assays as well as its broad suite of imaging services from high content to multiplex slide-based imaging.

“2020 was one of the most challenging years in a century to operate a business and I am proud of the work that our team has done during this time to not only meet and exceed our commitments to our clients, but also to continue to develop new technologies and assays,” noted Visikol CEO Michael Johnson, PhD.

In 2020, Visikol launched several new assays and capabilities such as its precision cut liver slice in vitro assays as well as its 10+ marker multiplex slide imaging services. Additionally, the company expanded its already broad suite of in vitro services through the introduction of immune synapse screening assays and blood brain barrier in vitro assays.

To accommodate for a growing team and increased demand in its services, Visikol moved from its Whitehouse Station, NJ facility to Hampton, NJ in early 2020. Now, just a year since the move, Visikol is again expanding to provide more lab space for a growing team and to expand its in vitro services. The expansion will include another 2,000 sq ft of lab space that will be dedicated to cell culture and high content imaging to support Visikol’s advanced in vitro assays.

The facility in Hampton has provided and will continue to provide Visikol the space that it requires as it grows and does so at an affordable price such that Visikol can keep its overhead costs low and provide its clients the highest level of services at an affordable price. In the next two years, Visikol plans to double the size of its staff and operations as it continues to build a profitable and efficient business that helps to accelerate its clients drug discovery and development programs.

If you are interested in discussing your in vitro, imaging or digital pathology work with Visikol’s team of experts, please get in touch.

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