Maximizing the Potential of HUREL® Micro Livers: Tips for Optimal Use

HUREL ProductsHow can you maximize the potential of HUREL® Micro Livers in your drug discovery and development process? In this blog post, we will provide tips for optimal use of HUREL® Micro Livers to help you get the most out of this powerful tool.

Tip #1: Acclimate the Plates in an Incubator Overnight

When you receive your HUREL Micro Livers, it is important to acclimate the plates in an incubator overnight before use in an experiment. This will ensure that the cells are at the optimal temperature and are ready for use. For same-day experiments, it is recommended to allow the cells to acclimate in an incubator for a minimum of at least 4 hours before use in an experiment.

Tip #2: Change the Plate’s Media with the Maintenance Media Every 2 Days

To maintain the health and viability of the cells, it is important to change the plate’s media with the maintenance media every 2 days. This will ensure that the cells have the nutrients and conditions they need to thrive. It is recommended to use the culture plate within 4 days of receiving.

Tip #3: Use the Recommended Incubation Volume

The recommended incubation volume for HUREL Micro Livers depends on the plate format and the number of hepatocytes per well. It is important to use the recommended volume to ensure optimal cell density and viability. The recommended volume ranges from 30-50 μL for a 384-well plate with 11,000 hepatocytes per well to 2000-2400 μL for a 6-well plate with 940,000 hepatocytes per well.

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