What is Multiplex Immunofluorescence Microscopy?

Breast Cancer Multiplex ImageMultiplex immunofluorescence microscopy is a cutting-edge technique that harnesses the power of multiple wavelengths of light and fluorescent markers to create intricate multi-spectral images, unlocking a wealth of possibilities for addressing diverse research inquiries. Visikol, from its inception, has been at the forefront of cell visualization, pioneering accessible tissue clearing reagents for multiplex immunofluorescent 3D microscopy.

Fluorescent Microscopy

In the realm of fluorescent microscopy, a dye-tagged antibody binds to the target antigen, enabling the visualization and quantitative assessment of specific points of interest. This target is rendered as a fluorescent pattern, emitting distinctive colors when exposed to a particular energy wavelength, releasing photons that can be captured and analyzed by the microscopy system.


The strength of this technique lies in its ability to yield highly contrasted, specific, and quantitative results. The quality of the data hinges on the antibodies’ specificity for their target antigens, as well as the brightness and contrast of the fluorescent labels. Historically, most labs have relied on single or double target detection due to its simplicity in planning and instrument requirements. However, this approach is limiting, particularly for complex research questions in areas like immune-oncology, where understanding the interactions between multiple cell types, such as T-cells, B-cells, and Natural Killer cells, is crucial.

Visualize up to 5 or More Targets

Multiplex immunofluorescence microscopy breaks free from these limitations, enabling the simultaneous visualization of up to five or more targets within cells or tissues. Given the intricate optimization involved, Visikol offers clients both pre-validated multiplex immunofluorescence panels and the flexibility to design and validate custom panels. Moreover, Visikol complements this with high-content imaging, image analysis, and comprehensive reporting. This integrated workflow empowers clients to swiftly transform their tissues into meaningful insights without the burden of developing resource-intensive in-house tissue processing, labeling, imaging, analysis, and reporting pipelines.

A Powerful Tool

In the realm of immuno-oncology, where targeted therapies are paramount, multiplex immunofluorescence emerges as a potent tool for identifying relevant biomarkers and characterizing alterations in their spatial distribution and activation states. Committed to advancing oncology drug discovery, Visikol offers pre-validated immune-oncology panels and stands ready to leverage these resources to address your specific research inquiries. If you’re interested in learning more reach out to a member of our team!

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