How Highly Multiplexed Immunofluorescent Labeling Service Transforms Biomarker Profiling

In the world of drug discovery and development, the ability to accurately profile biomarkers within tissues is crucial for understanding disease mechanisms and developing effective treatments. Traditional fluorescent immunohistochemistry techniques have limitations in terms of the number of markers that can be assessed simultaneously. However, Visikol Inc., a leading contract research services company, has revolutionized biomarker profiling with their Highly Multiplexed Immunofluorescent Labeling Service. In this blog post, we will explore how this advanced technique is transforming drug discovery and development by enabling detailed cell population analysis, spatial distribution evaluation, and immune cell quantification.

Unleashing the Power of Highly Multiplexed Immunofluorescent Labeling

Visikol’s Highly Multiplexed Immunofluorescent Labeling Service offers a groundbreaking solution to the limitations of traditional immunohistochemistry. By leveraging their proprietary EasyPlex  antibody stripping reagent and co-registration software, Visikol enables the assessment of 10+ markers from a single slide. This innovative process involves multiple rounds of immunolabeling, imaging, and stripping, allowing for a comprehensive and detailed profiling of cell populations within tissue samples.

Unlocking Insights through Advanced Imaging and Analysis

One of the key advantages  is the utilization of digital slide imaging and advanced image analysis. These technologies provide valuable endpoints and insights about cell populations and interactions within tissues. Visikol’s expert team processes images and analyzes data to deliver actionable insights in an easy-to-read report, empowering pharmaceutical companies and researchers to make informed decisions in their drug discovery programs.

Comprehensive Endpoints for In-Depth Analysis

Visikol’s Highly Multiplexed Immunofluorescent Labeling Service offers a wide range of endpoints that enable researchers to conduct in-depth analysis of cell populations and their spatial distribution within tissues. These endpoints include quantitative analysis of cell populations, evaluation of spatial distribution, immune cell population quantification, spatial stratification analysis, tumor infiltration quantification, and functional protein colocalization. By providing such comprehensive endpoints, Visikol equips researchers with the tools they need to gain a deeper understanding of disease biology and identify potential therapeutic targets.

Tailored Panels and Custom Design

Visikol understands that different research questions require different approaches. That’s why they offer both validated panels of antibodies and the option to design custom panels for specific applications. The availability of specific panels for detecting activated T cells, interrogating the immune checkpoint inhibition protein PD-L1, assessing memory T cells, and detecting immunosuppressive macrophages and antigen-presenting cells provides researchers with a starting point for their investigations. Additionally, Visikol’s custom panel design service allows researchers to tailor their biomarker profiling to their unique research needs, ensuring that they obtain the most relevant and accurate data.

Overcoming Limitations of Existing Techniques

While several technological approaches have been developed to survey the immune system landscape on tissue sections, many of them have limitations that hinder their widespread use. Some techniques require expensive imaging or tissue processing equipment, while others rely on proprietary labeling techniques. Bleaching, a technique used in some approaches, does not completely remove fluorescence, making multiple rounds of labeling challenging. These limitations have prevented many researchers from fully harnessing the power of highly multiplexed immunohistochemistry. However, Visikol’s approach overcomes these challenges by leveraging their EasyPlex Antibody Stripping Reagent, which reliably removes > 97% of the antibody signal, allowing for iterative labeling and image analysis.

Partnering with Visikol for Accelerated Drug Discovery

Visikol’s Highly Multiplexed Immunofluorescent Labeling Service is a game-changer in the field of drug discovery and development. By offering a comprehensive solution for biomarker profiling, Visikol empowers pharmaceutical companies and researchers to gain a deeper understanding of disease biology and accelerate the drug discovery process. Whether it’s through detailed cell population analysis, spatial distribution evaluation, or immune cell quantification, Visikol’s advanced imaging and analysis capabilities provide invaluable insights that drive scientific advancements.

To learn more about Visikol’s Highly Multiplexed Immunofluorescent Labeling Service and how it can transform your drug discovery and development programs, please reach out to a member of out team today.

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