HUREL® Flux™ Service

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Hepatobiliary research services based on a new, patent-pending efflux transporter assay method. Transporters can play an important role in the clearance and excretion of the parent drug and/or its metabolite(s) into the bile canaliculus. In-vitro methods for accurately predicting such dispositions are of great need.

Visikol’s HUREL primary hepatocyte co-cultures allow the hepatocytes to polarize and form stable and enduring biliary canaliculi networks and their associated transporters for over 30 days.

HUREL® Flux is cost-effective and available in a variety of species including human, monkey, dog, and rat.

HUREL® Flux™ Features:

  • Efflux transport channel inhibition
  • Biliary clearance
  • Direct mass spec measurement
  • No radio-or fluorescent labeling required
HURELflux example

HUREL® Flux Assay Method