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Hepatotoxicity Screen (DILItrain™)

Our cytotoxicity and hepatotoxicity screening service makes early, high-acuity assessment of hepatotoxic risk cost-effective for smaller organizations and thereby brings new illumination to the challenge of reducing late-stage candidate attrition.  The cytotoxicity and hepatotoxicity results are generated on HUREL® micro livers, which in peer-reviewed studies have been shown to provide predictive sensitivity and accuracy superior to that of both 3D spheroidal primary hepatocyte cultures and hepatoma cell lines.


14-day repeat-dosing protocol with ATP readout on Days 2 and 14.

Models Available

All HUREL micro liver models

Study Turnaround Time

Receipt of sample to data delivery, is 21 days


$975 per compound


Early lead selection stage of preclinical discovery/development—i.e., at roughly the same time as such other basic panels as solubility and Herg assays—so as to minimize the production burden on synthetic chemistry.

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