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As a provider of end-to-end tissue imaging solutions, Visikol offers traditional histological processing services to its Clients. Our histopathology laboratory can support every stage of the tissue analysis process, from sample excision and processing to staining and pathological analysis. Our experienced histologists and technicians ensure Client samples are optimally prepared for downstream analysis and interpretation through digital analysis or by a licensed pathologist. Our flexible protocols can be adapted to meet the unique staining requirements of a wide variety of analyses utilizing fresh, frozen or FFPE tissues.

Our services include the generation of H&E, IHC, IF and ISH slides from paraffin blocks, fixed tissues and OCT tissues. Stains are available for localization of carbohydrates, nucleic acids, polysaccharides, proteins, lipids, enzymes, mRNA, and cellular structures. Fluorescent staining always for multiplex analysis of many markers simultaneously. Visikol also provides bright field and fluorescent slide scanning to its Clients and can send back the files via a USB/hard drive or cloud sharing. Alternatively, Visikol can leverage its 3Screen™ image processing tools to transform these digital data sets into quantitative insights such as tumor area, percent of Ki67 (cell proliferation) positive cells or overall staining intensity.

Rapid turn-around

We can turn projects around for our Clients in as little as three days depending on the size and scope of a project. With our 3Screen™ image analysis tools, we can process and analyze large batches of slides rapidly and give our Clients the quickest turn around time on results.

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