Visikol HISTO Reversal Protocol

Visikol HISTO Reversal Protocol2019-06-07T09:55:49-05:00

In developing Visikol® HISTO™, our most important goal was to preserve the histological integrity of cleared specimens  so that clearing can be reversed. The reversibility of Visikol HISTO means you can validate  3D data against slide-based histopathology

This protocol is designed to be conducted following clearing and imaging in Visikol® HISTO-1™ and/or Visikol® HISTO-2™

1. Cleared tissue should be placed directly into a large volume of ethanol (absolute, or histological grade) or methanol. Volume of alcohol should be at least 10-20x tissue volume. Leave tissue at room temperature with gentle shaking until the tissue opacity has been restored.

2. Larger and more vascular tissues (e.g. whole kidney) may require 2-3 washes of alcohol over the course of several hours.

3. After reversal, samples can be processed directly for paraffin embedding histological preparations.