Intern with Visikol this summer!

Visikol is currently looking for a summer business intern to the join the team starting in May. We are looking for change-makers and instigators that strive to get better every single day and want to learn in a fast-paced and innovative setting.

If you want to come to work every day to punch in and out, you probably can stop reading now.

We want to destroy the status quo in biotech research and are looking for curious and driven people to help us.

Think you’re up to it?

We don’t care about where you went to college, your last name, your address, or who your advisers were. We only care about what you can do. This is why we ask that you don’t include any of that on your resume or cover letter. Just prove to us that you are an innovator, a rebel, a disrupter, or a unique scientific mind and tell us specifically how you can help us reach our goals.


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