Human Pancreas 3D Tissue Imaging Using Visikol HISTO

Whenever possible, we try to highlight the great work that our customers are doing in using our tissue clearing reagents and kits to image tissues in 3D. Recently, researchers at the University of Florida published a protocol for how to best employ the Visikol HISTO reagents to clear and image whole mount human pancreas tissue.

The pancreas is an organ that lends itself to tissue clearing and large volume imaging due to its known heterogeneity in normal islet sizes and proportions of endocrine cells. Lobularity in islet beta-cell loss and islet inflammation is also seen in patients with type 1 diabetes which makes this approach particularly effective in the study of pancreatic maladies.

To check out the protocol and start imaging your pancreatic tissues in 3D check out the protocol below:



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