Visikol, Corning and Molecular Devices NASH 3D Cell Culture Webinar – October 14th

In this webinar, we’ve partnered with Molecular Devices and Corning to present a case study for integrating novel 3D cell culture, tissue clearing, and high-content imaging techniques to better identify therapeutic solutions to NASH/NAFLD.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

– Increase assay sensitivity and viability using Primary Human Hepatocytes (PHH) pre-qualified for spheroid formation
– Apply tissue clearing techniques to fully characterize 3D cell culture models in a single workflow
– Utilize water immersion objectives and targeted acquisition with confocal imaging to fully characterize 3D fibrosis models in a high-throughput manner
– Perform 3D volumetric analysis and other custom analyses for unique feature extraction and quantification

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