Visikol Expands Product Portfolio with New Tissue Slicers

Visikol was originally founded as a products oriented company when it launched its Visikol® HISTO™ portfolio of reagents and kits over five years ago for 3D tissue imaging which have now been used by over a thousand research labs from around the world. Today, Visikol is primarily focused on providing pharmaceutical and biotech companies with advanced imaging, digital pathology and cell culture drug discovery services, but continues to expand its product portfolio of advanced imaging tools.

Today, Visikol is announcing the introduction of a suite of new products to help support the use of its Visikol® HISTO™ reagents in the field of 3D tissue imaging. These new products are a line of tissue slicers for dog, ferret, gerbil, guinea pig, pig and rabbit brains. When processing tissues for 3D imaging, most researchers section the tissues into 1-2 mm thick pieces of tissue. While it is possible to image many of these brains intact as a single piece, this dramatically increases the amount of time required for both imaging and tissue labeling and thus many researchers process these large pieces of tissue as several whole mount 1-2 mm thick sections. Processing these tissues in this manner also allows for the tissues to be imaged using traditional confocal microscopy and objectives which can typically image up to 1 mm in depth.

Previously, Visikol sold mouse and rat brain slicers but is excited to extend this portfolio of products. These tissue slicers are made from PLA which allows for them to be offered at an affordable price point so that any researcher can easily adopt them into their workflow. Later this year, Visikol will also be launching a few other new reagents and kits for 3D tissue imaging, so please stay tuned for future updates.

Brain Slicers

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