Visikol Expands its Automation Capabilities Through Adding the C.WASH from Cytena

In its efforts to expand and improve the many cell culture assays and in vitro studies offered, Visikol has recently added a new liquid handling system to its 3D Cell Culture Center of Excellence which will greatly improve the productivity of cellular based assays and assist Visikol in automating its 3D cell culture assay services. This system is known as the C.WASH by Cytena, and is an innovative microplate plate washer that is specifically designed for automated, rapid, and highly reproducible washing of 96-well and 384-well plates as well as PCR plates using centrifugal forces. Visikol is currently optimizing this system for use with Cell Painting assays as well as simplifying the washing of ELISAs to provide clients with higher reproducibility and faster assay development.

The C.WASH can also be utilized, and is ideal, for DNA purification for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) library preparation. In DNA purification, paramagnetic solid phase reversible immobilization beads (SPRI) are utilized when polyethylene glycol and salt are added to the sample solution and the desired DNA fragments will bind to the beads. The C.WASH is a fully automated, non-contact, and reproducible way for the Visikol team to cut down on the time and cost of DNA purification.

At Visikol, the team is focused on helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies accelerate their drug discovery efforts through providing best-in-class in vitro assays. Automating these assays and the associated readouts is critical to providing clients with the most relevant and high throughput assays at an affordable price point. If you are interested in discussing your next cell culture project with our team of experts, please reach out.

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