Visikol at 2022 the SOT Conference

The Visikol team was thrilled to be back in-person at the 2022 SOT Conference in San Diego


Megan Casco, Ph.D., a Senior Scientist for Visikol, presented two talks at SOT

Megan SOT

HUREL Micro Livers for DMPK Studies
HUREL Micro Livers are primary hepatocyte co-culture models that are capable of maintaining metabolic and phenotypic stability for up to two months. These models have appeared in over 50 publications and are ideal for evaluating low clearance compounds. 

Precision Cut Liver Slices for use in NASH and DILI Studies
Visikol has developed a precision cut liver slice model and assay using human tissues to simulate NASH disease progression. The NASH PCLS assay can be executed using CCL4 mice, F0-F1 human livers with TGF-B stimulation or F3-F4 diseased livers.
Download the PowerPoint here

Booth 2018

Visikol Booth

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and chatted with our team. It was great to see you all again!

If you forgot to grab one of our service catalogs you can find a digital copy here.

Team SOT

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