MatTek Launches Multiple Organ on a Chip Platform for First Pass Metabolism Studies

When developing a therapeutic, one of the critical questions that needs to be addressed is how the therapeutic will be administered to patients as the CMC and GMP manufacturing process needs to proceed clinical studies. Typically, oral administration is preferred over other routes (e.g., intravenous, intratumorally, nasal rectal) due to ease-of-use as well as its improved simplicity of manufacturing. However, not all therapeutics can be administered orally as they are metabolized by the intestine and liver such that an ineffective dose reaches the target via drug inactivation or altering the pharmacokinetics of the therapeutic. Some therapies can also be administered in an inactive form where these prodrugs undergo biotransformation during first-pass metabolism to become active compounds.

To help with assessing the first pass metabolism of potential therapeutics, MatTek has developed an organ on a chip platform that combines the MatTek EpiIntestinal model with the HUREL Micro Liver model.  Both of these models are derived from human primary cells and both represent the most well validated and utilized models in their specific fields. Together, the models are able to recapitulate the first pass metabolism effect within an easy-to-use plate based format. The model will be available for use as part of the Visikol In Vitro Services wherein Visikol commercially integrated with MatTek earlier this year to better leverage their combined advanced cell culture product and service offering that included the HUREL Micro Liver portfolio.

“The MatTek First Pass Metabolism Model is the most well validated organ on a chip platform introduced into the microphysiological system space to date and provides researchers with a very robust human-based in vitro model for assessing a critical drug development question. More broadly, the model can be used to assess toxic liabilities associated with metabolism and to better understand DMPK findings from animal models with a highly relevant human model,” described MatTek Chief Commercial Officer Michael Johnson, PhD.

The model is currently being offered as part of the Visikol contract research services offering and clients can send potential therapeutics for assessment via a wide range of endpoints. If you are interested in learning more about this model, please reach out to our team today.

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