Scientist Spotlight- Michelle Saavedra

Michelle Saavedra

-Undergraduate Studies: Kean University
-Graduate Studies: New York University


-How long have you been at Visikol?
2 years.

-What do you do at Visikol?
I work as an associate scientist in the in vitro and drug discovery division at Visikol, where I focus on a range of 3D cell culture assays.

-What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on here at Visikol?
Although it’s challenging to single out a particular project, I must say that my favorite experience has been working on a high content screening project utilizing one of our cell-based assays.

-Most challenging part of working in the science field?
I believe the most challenging aspect of working in the science field involves deciphering and comprehending the complexities that frequently emerge when attempting to address a specific scientific question.

-Most rewarding part about working the science field?
The most gratifying aspect of working in this field is the continuous opportunity for learning and being a part of a community that shares a shared enthusiasm for knowledge and exploration.

-How does your department help Visikol accelerate the drug discovery process?
Our department offers a range of in vitro and 3D cell culture assays, which play vital roles in the drug discovery process, providing valuable insights into the safety, effectiveness, and mechanisms of potential drug candidates

-Fun fact about yourself?
In my free time, you’ll often find me enjoying two exciting hobbies that bring me immense joy: free-skating and photography!

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