EnCor Bio Immunolabeling

EnCor Bio Immunolabeling2019-01-10T19:05:59-05:00

Dr. Jay Deng from Ecor Bio has applied the Visikol® HISTO™ methodology to visualize several EnCor Bio immunolabels in 3D. Below you can see the penetration depth for each immunolabel as well as some z-stacks obtained from tissue using confocal microscopy with our standard immunolabeling protocol. The penetration of immunolabels will depend upon the specific type of immunolabel as well as what tissue you are looking at and how it has been prepared. Reach out to us about further extending the penetration of immunolabels into tissues.

AntibodiesEnCor Cat #Mouse BrainRat BrainPenetration Depth
chicken glial fibrilaral acdic proteinCPCA-GFAP>600 um (rat)
chicken calbindinCPCA-Calb> 550 um (rat/mouse)
chicken calretininCPCA-Calretinin> 600 um (rat)
chicken myelin basic proteinCPCA-MBP< 300 um (rat)
chicken neurofilament-heavy chainCPCA-NFH< 300 um (rat)
chicken vimentinCPCA-VIM< 150 um (rat/mouse)
mouse Fox3/NeuNMCA-1B7> 600 um (rat)
mouse glial fibrilaral acidic proteinMCA-5C10< 300 um (rat)
mouse myelin basic proteinMCA-7G7< 400 um (rat)
mouse neurofilament-heavy chainMCA-AH1< 50 um (rat)
mouse vimentinMCA-2D1< 430 um (rat)
rabbit cFosRPCA-cFos> 500 um (rat)
rabbit Fox3/NeuNRPCA-Fox3> 600 (rat)
rabbit methy CpG-Binding Protein 2RPCA-MeCP2> 550 um (rat/mouse)
rabbit neurofilament-medium chainRCPA-NFM< 200 um (rat/mouse)

Mouse Brain 20X, 5C10 (red‐546 )/chMBP (green‐488)/Dapi (blue‐405), 600 um

Rat Brain 20X, 5C10 (red‐546 )/chMBP (green‐488)/Dapi (blue‐405), 600 um

Rat Brain 20X, Rab‐cFos (red‐546 )/mo NFH‐AH1 (green‐488)/Dapi (blue‐405), 50 um