Visikol® HISTO™ Customer Examples

Visikol® HISTO™ Customer Examples2019-01-10T19:02:49-05:00

The Visikol HISTO products have been used by over 400 research labs from around the world for a wide variety of research questions from imaging whole mouse brains to the 3D characterization of organoid models. Below we have highlighted of a few of these  customer examples:

Mouse Prostate Visualization

Credit: Ryan Trevena and Chad Vezina, University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine

Barn Owl Brain Connectomics

Credit: Kelsey Lakowske – UC Davis – DeBello Lab.

Whole Mouse Brain

Whole mouse brain imaged with the LaVision Ultramicroscope II. Imaged for auto-fluorescence with two different wavelengths

Human Placenta

1 mm3 human placenta tissue visualized for vasculature using CK7 and CD31 by Dr. George Merz at the New York Intstitute for Basic Research.

Mouse Brain

Rat Brain 20X – Dr. Jay Deng – Encor Biotechnologies: rb‐NFM (red‐546 )/ch‐VIM (green‐488)/Dapi (blue‐405)

Rat Brain

Rat Brain 20X – Dr. Jay Deng – Encor Biotechnologies: 5C10 (red‐546 )/chMBP (green‐488)/Dapi (blue‐405)

Rat Brain

Rat Brain 20X – Dr. Jay Deng – Encor Biotechnologies: rb‐Fox3/NeuN (red‐546 )/ch‐Calr (green‐488)/Dapi (blue‐405)