Visikol® HISTO-M™ Starter Kit

Visikol® HISTO-M™ Starter Kit2019-06-10T12:16:42-05:00

With the Visikol HISTO tissue clearing approach you are now able to rapidly and easily image tissues in 3D without damaging the underlying cellular morphology. This means that you can characterize all of the cells within your 3D cell culture models instead of just the periphery.

The Visikol HISTO approach has been designed to pair with immunolabeling or fluorescent protein and is reversible so that 3D histology can be followed up with traditional 2D histology. The Visikol HISTO-M approach is designed specifically for use with 3D cell cultures (e.g. organoids, microtissues, spheroids) and high-throughput imaging as it is compatible with well plates and liquid handling robots.

Visikol HISTO-M has a refractive index of 1.50 and approx. 0.1 mL is required per well in a 96 well plate. If you want to test out Visikol HISTO-M before you buy it or have any questions email us at:

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Upon receipt, after opening, all the reagents except Visikol HISTO-M should be stored in the refrigerator at 4°C, and handled carefully after opening, as they are aqueous buffers and could be subject to contamination after opening.