Tissue Clearing with 3DISCO/iDISCO

Tissue Clearing with 3DISCO/iDISCO2021-11-10T10:51:10-05:00

Refractive Index: 1.56 [1]

Clearing Time: Rapid – hours to days [1]

Type: Non-aqueous

IHC: Compatible with immunostaining [1]

FP: Yes, but quenching   [1]

Tissue Morphology: Tissue shrinkage[1]

Carcinogenicity: Yes [1]

Difficulty: Easy-to-use

Solvent based clearing with BABB has been used for decades but it is unable to clear myelinated tissues and quickly quenches fluorescent protein (FP) [1],[2]. To combat this problem, Erturk et al. developed 3DISCO which utilizes tetrahydrofuran (THF) instead of alcohol, dibenzyl ether (DBE) and sometimes dichloromethane (DCM) depending upon the tissue [1]. Reiner et al. further developed the 3DISCO technique to improve immunolabeling and this process is referred to as iDISCO. However, both techniques employ the same optical clearing approach and we refer to this DBE-based technique as 3DISCO.

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