The Magic of BitSlide – Cloud-based Image Viewing and Sharing for Multiplex Data Sets

Multiplex tissue imaging provides the opportunity to generate large amounts of data from a single tissue for multiple biomarkers simultaneously. This is revolutionary for immuno-oncology, basic research and a wide range of fields, but presents a major problem to researchers which is- how do you share the data? 40X whole slide scans in 6+ fluorescent channels are enormous data files that are challenging to share and view due to their size.

As a contract research services company conducting multiplex tissue imaging as a service, Visikol wants to make sure it provides clients with access to not only the final images from a project, but also the intermediate images from antibody panel validation to sample images throughout a project.  This is a non-trivial problem, as each image can be 100->2,000 MBs and a project can involve hundreds of multiplex tissues images.

Further, during COVID most of Visikol’s clients were working from home with slow internet connections and on personal computers that did not have image analysis or viewing software on them. Therefore, Visikol built a platform for easily accessing, downloading, viewing and manipulating these files which is called BitSlide™. BitSlide™ is hosted on Amazon Web Services in an encrypted and secure environment, and provides researchers the ability to visualize and interact with their multiplex datasets on a laptop, tablet or even a smart phone without ever having to download the underlying data.

The BitSlide™ platform is an extension of all of Visikol’s tissue image services and provides clients with a best-in-class interface to visualize their data and to collaborate with the Visikol team. If you are interested in learning more about BitSlide™ or Visikol’s multiplex tissue imaging services, please reach out today.


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