Visikol to Expand Facility to Meet Growing Demand

Hampton, NJ – Visikol has announced today that it has expanded its Hampton, NJ facility 11,000 sq ft through the addition of lab space and office space to meet the growing demand from its clients and customers. Visikol originally spun out from Rutgers University in 2016 and over the last six years has been growing rapidly as a provider of advanced drug discovery and development services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Today, Visikol counts the top 20 pharmaceutical companies as clients and has been instrumental in dozens of drug discovery and development programs.

The space that Visikol has added is adjacent to its current space within the Shelbourne Building and allows Visikol to greatly grow its current footprint while keeping its team all under the same roof. Over the last two years, Visikol’s business growth has greatly accelerated as its advanced tissue imaging and advanced cell culture services have garnered widespread adoption. In particular, Visikol has developed a multiplex tissue imaging approach which has become a go-to tool for researchers developing immuno-oncology therapeutics and working to understand the immune systems role in the tumor micro-environment.  These services have allowed pharmaceutical and biotech companies to address questions that they could otherwise not answer and also to accelerate their discovery and development processes.

“It has been amazing to see Visikol grow from a small closet at Rutgers into a leading contract research services company that is shaping the way that research is conducted. This additional space will allow us to better serve the needs of our clients and to continually expand the breadth and depth of our contract research services offering,” described Visikol CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Michael Johnson.

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