Visikol’s 2022 Year In Review

This year has been one of growth and milestones for Visikol. Our team has worked so hard this year – launching new assays, presenting at conferences, and more!

March 2022

In March Visikol announced a partnership with Molecular Instruments to Offer Hybridization Chain Reaction (HCR)-RNA FISH Multiplex Tissue Imaging Services. This service is available to all Visikol’s clients as a standalone service, or in combination with Visikol’s in-house multiplex IHC approach. Read more on the partnership here.

40X imaging of B-actin RNA with HCR RNA-FISH (red) and DAPI (blue)
Megan SOT

In March a few members of the Visikol team attended the SOT 2022 conference in San Diego and Megan Casco, Ph.D. gave 2 presentations. Read the recap here!

April 2022

Visikol and Indica Labs partnered on a poster titled ‘Cytometric Analysis of Immune Cell Populations in Clinical Tumor Biopsy Tissue Microarrays for Immuno-oncology’ that Indica Labs presented on at AACR. See the poster here.

AACR Poster

Visikol announced an agreement with Vivesto to conduct research to evaluate the cellular effects of new and existing anti-cancer drug formulations developed using Vivesto’s proprietary XR-17™ and XR-18 technologies. Read more on the agreement here.

The BICO Group joined 40 other institutions in the North America 3R’s initiative, with the goal of increasing the adoption of MPS technologies that could potentially replace or reduce some animal models that are used for drug development. MPS includes tissue models such as spheroids, organoids, and organs-on-chips. This mission directly ties to the work of several of the BICO Group Companies, especially those within the bioprinting business area like CELLINK, MatTek, Advanced Biomatrix  and Visikol.

The North American 3Rs Collaborative (NA3RsC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance science, innovation, and research animal welfare through collaborative 3Rs efforts (refine, reduce, and replace). The group’s initiatives are focused on implementing efforts pertaining to the 3R principle. A principle with ample evidence of effectiveness, potential for big impact, and ultimately, methods that are realistic considering the status quo and current research trends.

June 2022

Visikol launched a novel BBB assay in June. The blood brain barrier (BBB) provides cerebral vasculature which offers a layer of protection for maintaining homeostasis to neuronal function within the brain. Many therapeutics have issues when attempting to cross this complex barrier, which is why it is so vital to have a working model outside of the human body.

July 2022

Visikol expanded its 11,0000 sq ft Hampton, NJ facility through the addition of lab space and office to meet the growing demand from its clients and customers. See the festivities and read more here.

September 2022

HUREL 1 Year Anniversary

In September Visikol celebrated HUREL’s one-year anniversary. Read Visikol CEO Michael Johnson, PhD.’s remarks here.

October 2022

In October Visikol announced the addition of Imaging Mass Cytometry Services to their Multiplex Imaging offerings through a partnership with Standard BioToolsRead the announcement here.

It wasn’t all hard work though, the Visikol team made sure to make time for team building and fun throughout the year!

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