Imaging Mass Cytometry Services

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Visikol is the leading provider of multiplex tissue imaging services in the marketplace and provides clients with the broadest suite of approaches to multi-parametric imaging. Depending on a researcher’s specific research question, Visikol has a unique solution which is capable of balancing cost, throughput, markers and quality.

IMC allows researchers to visualize up to 40+ markers on a single slide while providing minimal background noise which means very high sensitivity imaging. Additionally, as IMC is based on the quantification of non-naturally occurring metals, so there is no Autofluorescence and very little background noise. The readouts for each antibody are a direct quantification of that antibody’s respective epitope, whereas with fluorescent imaging this type of quantification can be challenging.

Advantages of Imaging Mass Cytometry

  • Subcellular Resolution: Imaging quality and resolution equivalent to 10X optical microscopy for effective cell segmentation.
  • No Autofluorescence: Using non-naturally-occurring metals for tagging antibodies limits potential pitfalls that can impact reproducibility and/or data quality.
  • Rapid Labeling and Turnaround: Unlike fluorescent multiplexing, all of the labels can be used simultaneously which reduces the need for multiple rounds of labeling and tedious processing.
  • Proven: Over 200 IMC publications provides confidence in results

Example 17-plex IMC Panel

An example 17-plex panel for IMC combines 3 panels together to assess the complexities of
the immune landscape within the tumor microenvironment.

Human Tissue Architecture Panel

Enables staining of tissue architecture,
including stroma, epithelial tissue,
and vasculature.

  • Alpha-smooth muscle actin
  • Collage type I
  • E-cadherin
  • Histone H3
  • Vimentin

Human Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes Panel

Enables staining of epithelial cells; phenotyping of T cells (helper, cytotoxic, memory, and regulatory), B cells, and monocytes/macrophages; and identification of potential CD68+ tumor cells.

  • CD20
  • CD3
  • CD4
  • CD45RO
  • CD68
  • CD8a
  • FoxP3
  • Pan-keratin

Human Immune

Allows for the phenotyping of
activated T cells.

  • Granzyme B
  • Ki-67
  • PD-1
  • PD-L1

For a list of antibodies validated for use in IMC using Maxpar® OnDemand Antibodies click the button below.

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