Drug Discovery- From Lab to Market

Scientist PipettingCurious about how a molecule or compound progresses from the lab to the market? This process is known as drug discovery – the journey of developing new medicines to treat diseases. As a leader in the drug discovery space, Visikol strives to shape the therapeutics landscape by providing the services, tools, and guidance necessary to accelerate drug candidates though this process.

Let’s deep dive a bit further into the key stages of drug discovery:

  • Target identification: Scientists identify a specific molecule or biological process that plays a key role in the disease. This target could be a protein, enzyme, or gene.
  • Lead compound discovery: Researchers search for molecules or compounds that can interact with the target and potentially have a therapeutic effect. They use various methods, such as computer modeling or screening large libraries of chemicals, to find these lead compounds.
  • Lead optimization: The selected lead compounds undergo further testing and modification to improve their effectiveness, reduce potential side effects, and enhance their ability to reach the target site in the body.
  • Preclinical testing: Promising lead compounds are tested in laboratory and animal models to assess their safety, efficacy, and potential toxic effects. This step helps researchers determine if the drug has the desired effects and if it can be advanced to human trials.
  • Clinical trials: If the lead compound passes preclinical testing, it proceeds to human trials. These trials are conducted in several phases, starting with a small group of healthy volunteers and gradually expanding to larger groups of patients. The goal is to evaluate the drug’s safety, dosage, effectiveness, and potential side effects.
  • Regulatory approval: Once clinical trials demonstrate the drug’s safety and effectiveness, the pharmaceutical company submits an application to regulatory authorities, such as the FDA in the United States, for approval to market the drug.
  • Post-marketing surveillance: After the drug is approved and made available to the public, ongoing monitoring takes place to identify any unexpected side effects and ensure its continued safety and effectiveness.

The drug discovery process is complex and can take many years and substantial resources. However, successful drugs have the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes and save lives. With Visikol’s expertise in advanced in vitro and tissue imaging assays, we can help you navigate this process with confidence. Contact us today to chat about your drug discovery goals!

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