Add a new dimension to tissues with Visikol®

Visikol® HISTO is an easy-to-use, rapid,  reversible clearing technique for bio-imaging

Visikol HISTO seamlessly integrates with the traditional tissue-imaging workflow, so you don't sacrifice your old techniques for a new one.

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  • Visikol HISTO does not swell or shrink tissue.
  • Visikol HISTO is reversible, so you can validate your 3D results against traditional H&E sections in the same sample.
  • Visikol HISTO is fast, clearing whole mouse brains in 48-72 hours depending on age.
  • Visikol HISTO does not remove any components of the cellular structure, it just makes tissue clear.
  • Visikol HISTO does not require embedding tissue in hydrogel, or other specialized fixation techniques (like CLARITY).

Mouse brain hemisphere, cleared with Visikol HISTO

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