What is Visikol?

A versatile tool for biological imaging, Visikol renders specimens transparent allowing you to visualize internal structures without complex and time-consuming sectioning. 


Visikol clears whole unfixed Arabidopsis leaves in 15 minutes without dehydration


Why clear tissue?

Biologists, biochemists, and geneticists use Visikol to visualize the anatomical location of cellular structures, proteins/enzymes, mRNA, reporter genes (GUS/LacZ) within whole tissues.

With Visikol, whole-mount immunolabeling is simple, allowing for global interrogation of tissues. You can blot in situ with Visikol, no tedious sectioning required.

Used with light microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy, and single/multiphoton microscopy.

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Plant Biology

A general purpose clearing agent for plant specimens, Visikol is a versatile tool in any plant biology lab.

Chloral Hydrate Alternative

A direct substitute for chloral hydrate as a clearing agent.

Quality Control

Easily detect pathogens in agricultural products.

Education Focused

The simplicity of Visikol makes microscopy fun for students.