Visikol 3D Cell Culture Assays Highlighted by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific recently launched the CX7 LZR HCS confocal system which has been integral to Visikol’s success in offering advanced 3D cell culture assays to its clients. The CX7 LZR system is ideal for 3D cell culture analysis as it is powered by seven solid state lasers which provide the ability to image 3D tissues past a depth of 1 mm when combined with Visikol® HISTO-M™ tissue clearing.

According to Visikol CSO Dr. Tom Villani, “prior to the CX7 LZR, there was not an affordable HCS confocal system capable of imaging the entire depth of 3D cell culture models due to their reliance on LED excitation. The CX7 switching to laser-based excitation has dramatically improved imaging depth and image quality while still being affordable.”

In this customer spotlight video, Thermo Fisher Scientific focuses on the work that Visikol is doing in the 3D cell culture space and how the unique features of the CX7 LZR enable Visikol to offer best-in-class 3D in vitro assays to its clients. Visikol currently leverages their CX7 LZR along with their own proprietary software to offer a wide-range of 3D cell culture assays which include cell proliferation, antibody penetration, high content screening and steatosis.

Additionally, Visikol also frequently uses their CX7 LZR to automate whole mount tissue imaging for clients wherein Visikol is characterizing whole tissues in 3D such as vasculature within a tumor.

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