Visikol HISTO is reversible

Visikol® HISTO™ preserves tissues!  Tissue clearing techniques like CLARITY, SeeDB, BABB and 3DISCO irreversibly change the cellular structure of tissues, since they rely on removal of lipid structures and/or hydration of protein structure.


Say "so long" to stereology!  With Visikol HISTO, traditional 2D H&E processing can be completed after 3D imaging, so you can choose exactly which sections are of interest, before the tissue is even embedded.  


Obtain 3D image stacks and 2D H&E slides from the same sample!  You don't have to choose between 3D imaging and your conventional tissue-imaging workflow, Visikol fits right in so you can get the most out of each specimen! 



H&E sections after clearing with Visikol HISTO

Brain tissue (mouse) - H&E and GFAP-labeled IHC sections of mouse brain tissue after clearing with Visikol HISTO

Kidney (mouse) - H&E section of mouse kidney following clearing and reversal. 

Lung (mouse) - H&E section of mouse lung following clearing and reversal. 

Liver (mouse) - H&E section of a mouse liver following clearing and reversal. 

Placenta tissue (human) - H&E sections of human placenta tissue after clearing reversal.