Outsource and Move Your Fixed Costs to Variable Costs

With an ever-more challenging macro-economic landscape, it is more important than ever to move as many costs as possible from fixed internal or capital expenditures to variable costs that can be increased or decreased as your business needs require. At Visikol, we offer our clients end-to-end multiplex tissue imaging as a service from wet tissue all the way to image analysis and quantitative reporting so that you can have actionable insights to drive your research program forward.

The business cycle is quickly changing from an environment of inexpensive financing and high liquidity to one in which we need to quickly reign in our expenses while keeping our drug discovery and development pipelines moving ahead. This macro-economic change has happened in an extraordinarily short period of time and is effecting the pharmaceutical and biotech industry more than many others as early and mid-stage companies tend to be highly dependent on financing to support negative cash flows for many years and those cash flows are becoming dramatically more challenging to support.

Improve Capital Efficiency

One of the best ways to improve this capital efficiency is to shift your approach from internal research dependent on fixed expenses and large capital purchases to a more dynamic and variable cost approach. While this shift takes your research out from under your roof, with proper communication and business management, effective outsourcing can greatly improve your bottom line while still delivering the same results.

Multiplex Imaging

This is very relevant to the space of multiplex imaging which requires highly specialized teams, expensive equipment and a high degree of operational excellence as well as a strong computational, data and informatics backbone. To help address this problem, Visikol offers its clients end-to-end multiplex tissue imaging services through which clients can send Visikol wet tissues from their CRO partners and Visikol can take these tissues from wet samples all the way to quantitative reporting. This process includes histological preparationmultiplex label validationmultiplex tissue labeling, fluorescent imaging, image processing, and image analysis and reporting.

The benefit of outsourcing multiplex tissue imaging for applications such as biomarker discovery, patient stratification, clinical trial support or routine processing is that the client pays by the sample and pays only when they need the data. “We find that very few companies other than the largest companies have the internal throughput to support the development of an internal multiplex tissue imaging capability without a significant amount of waste and downtime,” described Visikol CEO Michael Johnson, PhD. By conducting multiplex tissue imaging projects for dozens of companies, Visikol is able to pass along an on-demand approach to multiplex imaging at an affordable price point with rapid turnaround times.

If you are interested in learning more about these services, please reach out to our team.


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