Multiplex Imaging in a GLP Setting

Breast Cancer MultiplexHere at Visikol, we recently announced the launch of our multiplex imaging services in a GLP setting (read more here: Visikol GLP Multiplex Tissue Imaging Services), and you may be wondering what this means. In biotechnology, GLP stands for Good Laboratory Practice. GLP is a quality assurance system that ensures the consistent and reliable generation of data in non-clinical safety studies of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other products. It provides guidelines and regulations for conducting laboratory experiments and studies in a manner that ensures the integrity, reliability, and traceability of the generated data.

More on GLP Regulations

The GLP regulations encompass a wide range of aspects related to laboratory operations, such as the qualifications and training of personnel, the maintenance and calibration of equipment, the documentation and reporting of experiments, the handling and storage of test substances, and the overall conduct of the study. Compliance with GLP standards is important for regulatory submissions and the acceptance of data by regulatory authorities.

The GLP guidelines were developed to ensure that non-clinical safety studies, which are performed to assess the potential hazards and risks of substances, are conducted in a consistent and rigorous manner. This helps to protect human health and the environment by ensuring that the data generated from these studies are accurate, reliable, and can be independently verified.

Visikol consistently strives to broaden its applications for our clients, and with the addition of GLP imaging services, we aim to diversify the scope of our work within the industry. If you are interested to learn more about our multiplex tissue imaging, reach out to our team to discuss your next project.

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