Visikol GLP Multiplex Tissue Imaging Services

Over the last seven years, Visikol has continually been on the forefront of advanced tissue imaging technologies with its introduction of the Visikol HISTO 3D tissue imaging approach and more recently with its fluorescent multiplex tissue imaging services and its Imaging Mass Cytometry services. We are excited to announce that we are now offering our multiplex tissue imaging services in a GLP setting such that they can be applied to a much wider set of applications for our clients.

What is Multiplex Tissue Imaging?

Multiplex tissue imaging refers to the concept of applying multiplex markers (typically >3) to a single tissue so that many biomarkers can be visualized together. Traditionally, chromogenic IHC is limited to 2-3 markers as overlapping colors prevent effective deconvolution. For many applications, only 2-3 markers is acceptable for addressing a research question but it is highly limited for addressing complex research questions. For example, in the context of immunology and immuno-oncology it is critically important to understand the complex interplay between different types of immune cells and the underlying pathology. This complexity necessitates multiple tissue labels where many markers can be visualized simultaneously.

Other Resources

If you are interested in learning more about multiplex tissue imaging check out the resources below or reach out to our team to discuss your next project:

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